Thesis Printing

Gnomon Copy specializes in Thesis Printing for colleges and universities!

Thesis printing is produced as perfect/square-bound books. This means your cover will wrap around the interior pages as one piece, like a softcover book.

Perfect Binding provides a highly professional looking finished piece with options for full-color printed covers, many font options for Spine printing, and lots of Cover color/stock-type options. Interiors are produced on high-quality Williamsburg 60# paper, though we can print and perfect-bind any of our interior stocks, including glossy text.


COVER COLOR OPTIONS: Green,  Navy,  Black,  Burgundy
SPINE COLOR OPTIONS: Green,  Navy,  Black,  Burgundy



Cover Stocks

There are several cover options available. Gold and Silver metallics are our recommendation and the option most students choose. Each cover is printed on the front in your specified school colors.

Spine Printing

If your Thesis is more than 50 sheets of paper thick, we can print your last name, abbreviated title and graduation year on the spine of your thesis. The Ruzicka Font is our default, but can use another font if you specify.

Interior Paper

The interior pages of your Thesis will typically be printed on a 60# Williamsburg stock that is thicker than cheap copy paper. Williamsburg is a premium stock that works well with both black and white and color printing and has been the standard for a Thesis for many years.

We can print your thesis on regular 20# bond but it is not recommended for double sided printing and not available for color printing.

A Thesis can also be produced on watermarked college or university bond paper however, Gnomon Copy does NOT supply this paper. You must purchase whole reams from the college and bring them to us un-opened if you would like or are required to use it for your thesis printing. Always supply more than you need to complete your order as machines do jam and waste paper from time to time, that is the nature of printing.


Time Frame:

Thesis are printed on a first-come, first-served basis by department due-date. Departments do contact us with their desired turn-in dates, as well as a list of students eligible for honors designation.

Please allow a minimum of 2-3 days production time for a typical Thesis order, a full week is generally recommended
(this allows you the flexibility needed in case you find an error and need to make last minute changes or re-order.)

Personal Re-Orders

Personal Re-ordered copies are lowest-priority. They are completed as time allows and only after all Department-Deadline Thesis orders have been completed. Typically this occurs AFTER GRADUATION.

To submit a Re-order, DO NOT fill out a new Submission Form, instead E-mail your request with your Name and Department, along with how many copies you’d like to re-order, and whether you wish to make changes/submit a new file for printing to:

If you’ve already left campus, we can ship your re-order via UPS/USPS. The cost for shipping is added to your final bill and jobs are sent out after payment has been received (typically over the phone by CC#).

2020 Thesis Submission Instructions:

1.) Please sign up for an account, providing your name and contact information as required by the form.

2.) Gnomon Copy requires just one file to print your thesis, a PDF.
It should contain the entirety of your thesis.

3.) Page 1 should be your Cover Page. Leave a blank space somewhere in your cover design if you wish to have your school Seal inserted by us.

4.) You must fill out the submission form completely. All fields are required.

5.) Color pages must be listed on the form as PDF page numbers. This is the page number assigned by the PDF file (with the cover being page 1) not the page numbers that align to your Table of Contents.

6.) Upload your files on the second page of the submission form by clicking the “Select File” button, allow them to completely upload before clicking the “Upload File” button.

We will do our best to respond within a half hour of you clicking Send to let you know your thesis order was received and has been put into the print queue. If we have any questions, we will ask them at that time. We will also provide you with a quote for the total cost of your Thesis printing once all questions have been answered.